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Welcome to the premiere pole dancing and Aerial fitness studio in Chicagoland!  As we enter our NINTH year as Chicago’s leading pole fitness studio, we would like to celebrate by inviting you to enter our beautiful candlelit studios and let the romantic, calming atmosphere soothe your mind as you get ready for some serious “me time”.  We hope that you find our sacred studio space the same home away from home that has welcomed hundreds of amazing Chicagoland women.  Come home to our studio.  Find yourself in our spa-like atmosphere.  Get back to the basics of being a woman.  Walk in our studio to walk out 90 minutes later feeling confident, powerful and a whole lot sexier than you could ever imagine!

Here’s a peek into one of our signature pole dancing classes:

Settle onto your mat and be guided by the slow sensual music and the soft encouraging voice of your instructor. Revel in the beauty of your curves and natural movement of your body as you become stronger…leaner…more agile. Your feeling alive and energized.  Now let’s master a new pole trick or two.  You learn a new move that makes you feel like you can fly. You feel like a goddess and a superhero. What could be better than releasing your sensual self while reliving memories of being a kid on the playground?

Time to dance! Turn off your mind as the music sweeps over your body and turns you into the powerful, sexy force of nature that your are! You smile and soak in the whoops and hollers of your ” class sisters” cheering you on…and you agree with them, you are beautiful!  You spend a few minutes sharing your experiences with the women in your class. Who have quickly become cherished friends. They are mothers, sisters, students and professionals.  So different, but so alike!  You all share a wonderful secret and a common bond. You’ve found a home…a sorority…a place to let go and just simply be the woman you were born to be. You leave the studio feeling confident, sexy and strong…and you can’t wait to do it again next week.  Would you believe you just burned around 1,000 calories in the most fun 90 minutes of your week?!?!

This is more than a pole dancing class. It is a form of movement that will reshape your body and your self-image. We are NOT a school for professional strippers. The only thing you will be “stripping” away are your own negative thoughts about yourself. It’s something so powerful and freeing, every woman deserves to experience it. So click on the class schedule tab and get ready the ride of your life. The view is sublime!

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Tantalizing Testimonial!

Tease. The word alone warms my heart and makes me smile! Pole dancing has always been a secret dream of mine, and it wasn’t until I happened across Tease Dance and Fitness that I realized I could make my dream reality. I had been going thru a lot of life changes with the judgment of others right on my heels, so my first thought before joining Tease was ‘what will people think?, so I initially took a Lap Dance class to feel out this dream of mine. I discovered a relaxing and fun environment, supportive and attentive instructors, and an inspiring and awakening class! Not only did I fall in love with Tease, but I found that missing piece that helped me fall in love with me! It doesn’t matter ‘what people think’ because people are always going to judge and you cannot control what other people think. What does matter is that you love yourself, and that you love what you are doing for yourself. I do, and I am, thanks to Tease!

- Pamela A.

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