8 week dance series


A new sassy burlesque persona, beautiful costumes, soft, sexy boas and corsets. Would you believe this is an exercise class? Wear comfy clothes for our tough workout, then when it’s time to bump, grind and shimmy, we dress the part!  Bring in anything that makes you feel vintage sexy. We recommend low comfortable heels.  Jazz character shoes or ballroom shoes are the best.

Burlesque is a student favorite at Tease. Each session we will explore a different era of burlesque with the routines we learn and the fun props we use. You’ll get to explore your sassy side by choosing your name, persona, and costumes! We’ll use both modern and traditional music to set the scene for one heck of a sexy workout! This class will get your heart rate up and include a warmup and cool down. This class promises to be a full body workout with an outrageous twist!  This class is very cardio and lots of fun.  You’re hips will never be the same!  This class is open to women 18 and up.


One of the most fulfilling benefits of dance is the act of self-expression. In our 8 week Lapdance series you will learn to say what you want to say, without saying a word.  Learn to have this sacred and ancient conversation with yourself and maybe eventually share it with the one you love.  Compliment and build onto your own free- dance style with various strips, peels, reveals, shoes, and styles. You won't want to miss this class.  Every woman should experience it!  This class is open to women 18 and up.

The 8 week series can be purchased for $270 or ($33.75 per week.)