8 week pole fitness series

These are our flagship pole fitness classes.  We have been teaching these pole level classes for 11 years and they get better every time! In each level, 20 or more pole tricks are taught along with a routine and several transitional moves.  You will use the entire room as we introduce graceful floor and wall work as well.  You'll not only learn to do pole tricks, but you'll also learn to dance Within each 85 minute class, you will also go through a full body warm-up and workout as we condition your body and your self-confidence for the pole.  All classes end with putting it together and dancing it out.  You will leave feeling confident, sexy and strong!

If you are transferring from another studio, please call us at 630-270-3311 for a free level evaluation.

Class Levels

There are 8 levels that a student can advance through.  All students begin at level 1.

  • Level 1 – Pole Kittens (1st 8 weeks)
  • Level 2 – Pole Princesses (2nd 8 weeks)
  • Level 3 – Pole Goddesses (3rd 8 weeks)
  • Level 4 – Pole Sirens (4th 8 weeks)
  • Level 5 – Pole Vixens (5th 8 weeks)
  • Level 6 – Pole Masters (6th 8 weeks)
  • Level 7 – PhD (ongoing advanced level)
  • Level 8 – Invitation only (master level)

ALL Classes run 85 minutes. Because these classes run in a series and are progressive by nature, we do not allow them to be purchased individually.

The 8 week series can be purchased for $270 or ($33.75 per week.)