About the Owner

Kristin McNabb is the grateful founder of Tease dance and fitness. She teaches among 14 other instructors at Tease. When she discovered pole as an alternative to traditional fitness, she was a bit hesitant to give it a try. She was on staff at her church as the volunteer director and quietly wondered what everyone might think. But that first spin around the pole hooked her. “I felt like a goddess and an acrobat!" Kristin exclaimed. Once she saw the changes in her body and a noticeable weight loss, she knew she had to share it. She began over 11 years ago teaching friends, then their friends, and so on . . .  Kristin is 43 years old and together with her husband, Will, they have 5 kids ages 13-22.

My life is crazy, but filled with love, Tease is a haven where I can let go of my responsibilities as a wife, mother and business owner and get down to the basics of just being a woman. And WOW is that glorious! I hope every student will find the same solace within our classes and our nurturing community as I have.