Sara loves teaching at Tease! Whether her day has been good or bad, she can always rest assured that once class ends she will end my day with a better mood. That is due in part to the warm and welcoming environment that Tease, the other staff members, and the students have to offer. The women of Tease make an active effort to build each other up rather than create unnecessary drama, in an effort  to foster an environment that allows all members can grow emotionally as well as physically. Sara believes that her students are courageous and admirable individuals who push their own boundaries and whom she profoundly respects. Moreover, Sara sincerely appreciates the fact that each teacher has their own style because through observation and instruction they aid in her personal growth as an aerial artist and as an instructor. 

Experience: Sara had been poling for four years and teaching for two years

Certifications: PoleMoves L1 Beginners Certification, PoleMoves L2 Intermediate Certification