8 week Aerial Arts and Specialty Class series

Aerial Silks

Also known as Aerial Tissu,  You will be introduced to an aerial silk warm up, an exploratory tour on the silk working your way from climbing, to sitting, to standing to inverted straddles, and an overview of locks, hitches and hangs.  If you are looking for a workout that is unique and a class that offers a unique full body workout with lots of fun…this is the class for you.  We will be using doing both free-hanging aerial silks and pole silks where we attach the silks to the top of a free spinning pole.  Beginner classes are open to all levels.  Intermediate Silks requires 16 weeks of beginner silks. This class is available to ages 9 and up.

Aerial Silks for kids and teens 

This special after school class is exclusively for 9-17 year olds. Aerial Silks is a type of acrobatics performed while suspended in special, silky fabric.  We use fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral our bodies into and out of various positions. Aerial silks are used to fly through the air, strike poses, create shapes and perform combinations of learned skills. Aerial silks classes classes combine the fun and excitement of the circus with the artistry and grace of dance. It’s a great way for dancers or gymnasts to cross condition and build flexibility, strength, and balance.

Aerial Yoga

Our aerial yoga classes combine the acrobatic arts with traditional hatha and vinyasa yoga. Asanas are done using a soft fabric sling that is suspended from the ceiling. It’s benefits include spinal decompression, pain relief and assistance in inversions and other poses. While being a great workout, and easy to modify, it is a good choice for newbies and seasoned yogis! This 90 minute class is challenging, but also comforting, playful, and energizing. You will leave feeling relaxed, lengthened and proud of yourself! This class is great by itself or to supplement your aerial or pole practice, providing strength training, flexibility training and stress relief! Try our new AERIAL YOGA SCULPT if your looking for something more intense!

Aerial Hoop / Lyra

Lyra is a circular hoop suspended from one point in the ceiling. You will learn to mount, spin, hang and bend with grace and ease, as you work your way through gorgeous combinations. This class will improve your strength and flexibility. Open to all levels, no experience necessary. What to wear: Knees should be covered. Some tricks, like elbow hangs and ankle hangs, feel more comfortable with extra padding so it is recommended to bring legwarmers and long sleeves. This class is open to ages 9 and up

Beginner 50+ Pole

Finally a pole class for those 50 or sexier! This class is for the mature beginner as she explores introductory pole and dance movements.  Light stretching and strength are developed through movement and flow while spins and tricks will be modified. Let us show you where your sexy has been hiding! Ladies in their 40's are welcome to join this class upon request.

Booty camp/Aerial Strength

Alright gorgeous, are you ready for an intense total body workout?! Booty camp is designed by strength and movement professionals to increase the quality of your poling. Struggling with upper body strength, gripping issues, endurance or core stability? We have a class for that! Did we mention that your average booty camp burns over 900 calories? If this sounds like something you need, grab your water bottle and we'll see you in class! This class is open to ages 18 and up.


A new sassy burlesque persona, beautiful costumes, soft, sexy boas and corsets. Would you believe this is an exercise class? Wear comfy clothes for our tough workout, then when it’s time to bump, grind and shimmy, we dress the part!  Bring in anything that makes you feel vintage sexy. We recommend low comfortable heels.  Jazz character shoes or ballroom shoes are the best.

Burlesque is a student favorite at Tease. Each session we will explore a different era of burlesque with the routines we learn and the fun props we use. You’ll get to explore your sassy side by choosing your name, persona, and costumes! We’ll use both modern and traditional music to set the scene for one heck of a sexy workout! This class will get your heart rate up and include a warmup and cool down. This class promises to be a full body workout with an outrageous twist!  This class is very cardio and lots of fun.  You’re hips will never be the same!  Open to all levels ages 18 and up.

Mommy and Me Aerial Play

Mommy and Me Aerial Play is our new and fun way to bond with your little one! These classes will utilize our aerial hoops, vertical bars, aerial silks and hammocks to build strength and awareness. Participating in these classes will improve your child's mobility and encourage independence! Our activities will include, climbing, holding, playing and swinging on our apparatuses, as well as some serious snuggle time in our hammocks. Come join in on the fun!

Ideal for ages 1- 5.

“You’ll be on your way up! You’ll be seeing great sights! You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights!” –Dr. Seuss

Pole Flow

This class is perfect for those looking to improve flow and transitions while also learning a few new tricks. The session is broken down into two week blocks with each block focusing on a new sequence of moves. Sequences may include floorwork (including shoulder work), heel work, low pole flow, transitions, chair work, spin pole, beginner to intermediate pole combos, and more. New sequences will be taught each session. Must be enrolled in level 2 or above and it is recommended to bring heels, knee pads, leggings/leg warmers, and any other desired dance wear.   Must be 18 to participate.

Pole Skills and Nemesis Tricks

Is there a challenging trick or move you are trying to perfect? This is the perfect class for you! We can help you achieve your goals by teaching you proper technique and offering exercises to strengthen your abilities to achieve your nemesis trick. Please come into the 8 week session with a list of tricks you are ready to achieve or get stronger at and we'll work together to get there.

This class should not be taken as a first time class, it is meant to be an add-on to your level class schedule. For example, Level 1's can take this class in addition to their Level 1 Class.  This class is also good to take if you can't find a good time for your level class if you are Level 2 or above, the Instructor will work with you to learn your specific level skills if needed. Open to ages 18 and up.

Kids Mixed Aerial

Kids Mixed Aerial is an 8 week long program for boys and girls ages 5-12. Mixed Aerial incorporates alternating weeks of aerial silk or sling, aerial lyra/ hoop, and vertical bar. 

Aerial Sling *NEW*

This class is circus inspired much like our aerial silks class.   Incorporating gymnastic and acrobatic style moves, you use soft material in the shape of a hammock suspended from the ceiling to hold yourself off the ground and master a series of moves.