Kids Mixed Aerial Arts  - 9 Week summer session

This 9 week series is offered June 11th - August 19th, 2017.  We welcome girls and boys ages 6-12 in these classes.  The following apparatuses will be taught in each 90 minute class:

Aerial Silks/ Sling  (1st 3 weeks)

Aerial Silks is a type of acrobatics performed while suspended in special, silky fabric.  We use fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral our bodies into and out of various positions. Aerial silks are used to fly through the air, strike poses, create shapes and perform combinations of learned skills. Aerial silks classes classes combine the fun and excitement of the circus with the artistry and grace of dance. It’s a great way for dancers or gymnasts to cross condition and build flexibility, strength, and balance. Armpits and knees must be covered.


Aerial Hoop / Lyra (2nd 3 weeks)

Lyra is a circular hoop suspended from one point in the ceiling. You will learn to mount, spin, hang and bend with grace and ease, as you work your way through gorgeous combinations. This class will improve your strength and flexibility. Open to all levels, no experience necessary. What to wear: Knees should be covered. Some tricks, like elbow hangs and ankle hangs, feel more comfortable with extra padding so it is recommended to bring legwarmers and long sleeves. 

Vertical Bar (3rd 3 weeks)

This class series that incorporates elements of gymnastics as well as aerial. Students will gain knowledge and strength spinning on the ground as well as climbing in the air while developing skills and tools that will last a lifetime. Students can wear tank tops and shorts or capris.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old must my child be to enroll in Summer Session classes? 


Summer session classes are geared towards school aged children between 6 and 12 years of age. Children between the ages of 1 and 5 are welcome to join our Mommy and Me classes alongside a parent. Children 13 years and up can join kids silks or regular silks and lyra classes pending instructor approval. 

Does my child have to be female to attend  summer session classes?

Nope! While Tease's goal is empowering women and is otherwise a women only studio, children of any gender ages 12 and younger can attend classes during summer session.

How much is summer session? What if I have more than one child attending summer session?

Classes are 90 minutes long, and your child gets one class per week for  9 weeks. The cost is $230 ($27.78 per week payment plans available). If you are also taking one of our adult classes, or have additional children that would like to take classes, we offer great family discounts! (10% off 1st additional family member, 15% off 2nd additional family member, 20% off third additional family member, etc.) Please call 630-901-9697 for help with discounts.

What if we are on vacation or plan to miss a week?

We understand that your family may have summer plans or prior commitments. If there are summer session classes on other days in which that your child could potentially make up, then we highly encourage makeups. If you know for a fact that makeups aren't an option given your schedule, then we can also pro-rate your child's classes up to 3 weeks upon signups. No refunds are given for missed classes and makeups do not carry over into any other session or class.

This is awesome! Where do we sign up?

Click below to enroll! You will have to create a MindBody account for your child as well as one for yourself. If you are an existing student enrolling your child, please create an account for him or her with their correct birthday.Directions on how to enroll your child with his or her own account are listed in the class description. Click the link below to view the current schedule and get started! the upcoming session begins June 11th and runs through August 19th!