Intro Classes

About our intro classes:

These are one time classes to introduce you to our signature eight-week series. It is intended for someone who wants to "test the waters” before she jumps in with two feet! Each class runs 85 minutes. Cost of class is $40. RESERVATIONS FOR THESE CLASSES MUST BE MADE 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE (although we will try to accommodate you if you need to make them the day of or the day before, please call first!).  You will receive an email from Tease confirming your class reservation.  Scroll down for availability and descriptions of the different types of intro classes we offer.

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Intro To Pole Fitness

 We’ve been running this class for 11 years and it gets better every single time! You will fall in love with our signature series as soon as you enter the candlelit studio. You will experience an enlightening and empowering meditation, followed by our famous warm-up and workout. You will learn to fly around the pole as we teach you two pole “tricks” and several other sexy moves, then put it all together in a mini-routine! The 90 minutes will go so fast you’ll be begging for more!!!!  This class is open to students 18 and up.

Intro To Aerial Silks

This class includes our signature warm-up and workout to prepare fly…not around the pole, but in the air! Called aerial “silks” or “tissue,” long lengths of fabric hang from a single point in the ceiling. You will be introduced to arm and leg holds and even climbing! You’ve seen it in Cirque and watched the artist “Pink” perform it on television…now try it for yourself! This graceful art is challenging and dramatic. You’ll feel like an angel!  This class is open to students 13 and up.

Intro To Burlesque

A new sassy burlesque persona, beautiful costumes, soft, sexy boas and corsets. Would you believe this is an exercise class? Wear comfy clothes for our tough workout, then when it’s time to bump, grind and shimmy, we dress the part! Bring in anything that makes you feel vintage sexy. We recommend low comfortable heels. Jazz character shoes or ballroom shoes are the best. Burlesque is a student favorite at Tease. Each session we will explore a different era of burlesque with the routines we learn and the fun props we use. You’ll get to explore your sassy side by choosing your name, persona, and costumes! We’ll use both modern and traditional music to set the scene for one heck of a sexy workout! This class will get your heart rate up and include a warmup and cool down. This class promises to be a full body workout with an outrageous twist! This class is very cardio and lots of fun. Your hips will never be the same! This class is open to students 18 and up.

Intro to Lyra 

Lyra is an aerial hoop suspended from a single point. It is a great way to improve strength and flexibility while posing, flipping or rolling into transitions. No previous experience required. In this Intro class you will get to sample what you would learn in an 8 week session. What to wear: knees/legs should be covered. In order to increase comfort long sleeves or leg warmers can also be worn.  This class is open to students 13 and up.

Intro to Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga combines the acrobatic arts with traditional yoga. Asanas are done using a soft fabric sling that is suspended from the ceiling. It’s benefits include spinal decompression, pain relief and assistance in inversions and other poses. While being a great workout, and easy to modify, it is a good choice for newbies and seasoned yogis! This 90 minute class is challenging, but also comforting, playful, and energizing. You will leave feeling relaxed, lengthened and feeling oh-so-fine! This class is open to all ages.

Intro to Lapdance

One of the most fulfilling benefits of dance is the act of self-expression. In our Lapdance intro you will get a taste of what our Lapdance 8 week series is all about!  This 85 minute class begins with a 30-minute sensually focused warm-up, followed by a series of basic movements to guide you in maneuvering in and out the lap dance chair fluidly. Learn to say what you want to say, without saying a word.  This class is open to students 18 and up.