Tease workout has helped me come out of my shell. I feel so open, alive, and for the first time in my life…sexy!
— Sara

Price of year long membership at Tease: $1,000
Price of extra class “Booty Boot Camp”: $89
The perfect pair of heels: $20
Pole Skivies: $29.95
A Pole to practice at home: $290
Losing 30 pounds..going from a tight size 14 to a loose fitting 10….becoming friends with my fellow students and the lovely and talented instructors….and best of all, hear “WOW” from all my friends when they see me with my new body —–PRICELESS
There are no words in the English language that express my gratitude to these instructors.
— Stacey

Top 10 reasons I’m grateful for Tease
You Know you love Tease Pole Dancing When . . .

10. You think of every way to find a way to fit a pole into your house to practice
9. You MUST pole dance to all of your favorite songs
8. You look forward to seeing your Tease sisters each week!
7. You look at every street sign, lamp post, etc and think what tricks and spins you can do on it
6. You wear your bruises from the pole as badges of honor!
5. When you do find room for your pole you imagine making the whole room into your pole room and start to plan it out…stars, big mirrors, and all!
4. High Heels take on a new meaning – You look for the ones that work best for climbing and sticking to the pole
3. You think about “violating the walls” on a normal basis!
2. After a lap dance class you look at chairs in a different way!
1. You feel oh so sexy knowing you can work that pole!
— Tracey

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