8 week aerial arts series for adults

Our love and time are invested in you, our students. All classes are 85 minutes in length to give you the most personal experience possible.

Aerial Silks

Also known as Aerial Tissu,  You will be introduced to an aerial silk warm up, an exploratory tour on the silk working your way from climbing, to sitting, to standing to inverted straddles, and an overview of locks, hitches and hangs.  If you are looking for a workout that is unique and a class that offers a unique full body workout with lots of fun…this is the class for you.  We will be using doing both free-hanging aerial silks and pole silks where we attach the silks to the top of a free spinning pole.  Beginner classes are open to all levels.  Intermediate Silks requires 16 weeks of beginner silks. This class is available to women and girls 13 and up.

Aerial Hoop (Lyra)

Lyra is a circular hoop suspended from one point in the ceiling. You will learn to mount, spin, hang and bend with grace and ease, as you work your way through gorgeous combinations. This class will improve your strength and flexibility. Open to all levels, no experience necessary. What to wear: Knees should be covered. Some tricks, like elbow hangs and ankle hangs, feel more comfortable with extra padding so it is recommended to bring legwarmers and long sleeves.  This class is available to women and girls 13 and up.

Aerial Yoga

Our aerial yoga classes combine the acrobatic arts with traditional hatha and vinyasa yoga. Asanas are done using a soft fabric sling that is suspended from the ceiling. It’s benefits include spinal decompression, pain relief and assistance in inversions and other poses. While being a great workout, and easy to modify, it is a good choice for newbies and seasoned yogis! This 90 minute class is challenging, but also comforting, playful, and energizing. You will leave feeling relaxed, lengthened and proud of yourself! This class is great by itself or to supplement your aerial or pole practice, providing strength training, flexibility training and stress relief! 
This class is available to women and girls 13 and up.

The 8 week series can be purchased for $270 or ($33.75 per week.)

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