Ashley started pole dancing in 2011 without any dance background. Having been a wallflower most of her life, she decided she wanted something that would bring her out of her shell and maybe even make a friend. Not only did she get that, she got a passion and a community of sisters that she loves and never wants to let go of.

After discovering she wanted to share pole with others, she got certified and began teaching in 2013. She says it is the best job she could ever have. Being able to teach and watch her students grow is one of the greatest feelings in the world for her. She loves encouraging them and celebrating with them when they overcome their hurdles and she loves seeing the life-long friendships form from day one.

Her favorite part of pole dancing is the actual dance part. She wants to teach you how to flow and move with your body comfortably, to gracefully transition from one move into the next. (And yes, she means even YOU.) But above all the dancing and tricks, she wants you to have fun. She wants you to leave her class with a smile on your face and a sense of accomplishment and confidence and she’s willing to do whatever it takes it make that happen for you.

She can’t wait to see you in class and around the studio!

Ashley has also competed twice in her career and plans to continue doing so in the future.
-The Windy City Pole Dance Competition - Essentials Division 2013 -1st Place
-The Midwest Pole Dance Competition - Essentials Division 2013 - 2nd Place