Ashley N.

Ashley spent 9 years of her life training in Martial Arts and moved on to dance for 4 years until the studio closed. It had been quite some time since she had done something for herself until she stumbled upon a friend’s pole progress pictures. She thought it looked like a really cool workout so her search for the nearest studio began. 

Ashley’s Tease journey began in 2015 when she decided to do something new and exciting with her friends for her birthday. She loved the teaser so much that she couldn’t wait to sign up for classes. She loved the way pole made her become more confident and taught her to love herself just the way she is. After just one session, she decided to try out silks and a new love began. She loves meeting all the beautiful, amazing women that walk into the studio and celebrating with you on your achievements. Ashley is super excited to be teaching and can’t wait to be apart of your aerial journey!