Once upon a time there was a princess, and she had two lovely little baby unicorns. They all lived happily in their palace, which was filled with lots of magical girly things. For fun, the princess liked to dance and spin and hang upside down on things she wasn't supposed to. So she decided to take pole dancing lessons. She enjoyed taking classes so much that she wanted to spread the joy to other princesses and queens across the land. So she began to teach. After teaching pole for two years she also began to teach lyra, so that these magical women could learn not only to spin and climb, but to fly and hang as well. It has been 4 years since the princess's journey began, and it is still just as magical as it was on day one.

Bobbi began pole dancing in 2011 after having her second daughter and looking for a way to work out without realizing she was working out. She immediately fell in love with it (surprisingly, because she has always been uncoordinated and sucked at all sports). and she began to immerse myself in pole dance and has performed numerous times and even competed once! In 2013, she began teaching and doing Lyra, which she also teaches now. Bobbi  thinks that anyone who knows her will tell you that her dance style is on the sexier side, and that she loves teaching women how to get in touch with their inner temptress!