Karyn Rae

Karyn fell in love with Tease Dance and Fitness in 2009. In 2012 she was so addicted that she certified in the Pole Moves Beginner/Intermediate Pole Fitness Instructor Certification and then became an Instructor at Tease. Shortly after becoming an Instructor she was also certified in the Pole Moves Advanced Certification. Tease gave her the passion to try competing and in March of 2013 she competed for the first time and won the Essential Division of the Gateway Pole Competition in St. Louis.  She competed in the Windy City Pole Competition in 2013 as well as the Central Pole Sport Competitions in 2013 & 2014.

 While Karyn was new to the choreography/competitive side of pole dancing, her professional career consists of training and choreographing competitive athletes. As an athlete herself she was a competitive gymnast, college cheerleader and a member of a co-ed acrobatic team that performed in the United States, Canada and Europe for 10 years. Pole dancing, for Karyn, is a continuation of her athletic endeavors allowing her to express herself in a new and exciting sport.

 Karyn specializes in teaching pole at Tease and is known for breaking down tricks into as many pieces as it takes to learn them.  Her advice to new students of Tease is that you don’t need to be extremely flexible or super athletic to be good. You will find what you love most and use it often. She wants her students to trust themselves as well as the techniques we teach at Tease to accomplish their goals and to know that nothing comes instantly. It takes hard work as well as determination to perfect and grow while soul searching to enjoy the journey.