Katlyn first began her journey into performance arts with hula hoops about a year and a half ago. Those plastic circles made her feel so empowered and so beautiful. Since her hoops made her feel so good she figured it didn't have to end there. She then began to dabble in the world of aerial arts. First she began with aerial silks and quickly discovered the wonder that is aerial yoga. She has also been practicing yoga for about five years now. Yoga helped Katlyn rehab a hip injury that she struggled with for many years so she holds this practice very close to her heart.

Her strong suit is helping students work with their own individual bodies and making each class their own personal practice. She offers several variations for poses so that every student is comfortable. Aerial yoga is an incredibly customary practices and she loves working with all levels of students.

Her classes are perfect for just about anyone but especially for aerialists looking for a fun way to decompress physically and mentally. She combines are classes with aromatherapy to deepen relaxation. She hopes to share her practice with you!