Melanie (Lanie) has been on and off doing pole and aerial for about 5 years. Flexibility has always come naturally to her, but she loved finding a place she fit in and could really train and work her body.  She loves any music or movements that are slow and slinky and allow her to slither across the floor or body wave her way into your heart. She loves having fun and she will go the extra mile to make you smile.  She fell in love with Tease and the amazing atmosphere this studio has to offer. Having moved to IL from MN as an adult, it was difficult to make real friends outside of work, but Tease helped her find the best place to find some of her now best friends. Tease is not just a place to work out and get fit with other people, it is a strong group of beautiful people of all shapes, sizes, genders, and races, who build each other up. We celebrate each individual success. When she was a student, class was literally her therapy. It was only time she gave herself each week, just those 2 hours she had at the studio. It was that feeling and knowledge that made her know she wanted to be an instructor and change lives the way her amazing instructors had changed hers. She loves watching new polers (pole babies!) gain confidence, strength, and a whole new outlook on their bodies. Her favorite part of being an instructor at Tease is watching new groups of women (and some kick butt guys) bond and help each other through life. Whether you are going through a separation, move, new job, new baby, or new body- Tease has everything you need to be the best you possible.