Megan began her Tease journey about five years ago when a friend introduced her to burlesque. One night and she was hooked! As a mother of a 1yo and a 3 yo finding "me" time was difficult but she was a perminant fixture on Monday and Wednesday nights. Her instructors helped her find her sexy that was missing. A year and a half ago the opprotunity to teach burlesque came about and she jumped at the chance to help other women find their sexy too! Dance has been an important part of Megan's life for as long as she can remember. She has practiced in all forms of dance for years. Tease has given her a place to relax, find a strength that was missing and be free to be sexy without judgement. She loves to share her love of dance with her students. Watching women progress from covered up to fishnets and costumes is one of her favorite reasons she loves teaching burlesque at Tease.