I absolutely love this place! All the students and teachers are so supportive not just with you in-class goals but also your life outside of the studio!

I used to take different genres of dance classes growing up and always felt like if you were not going to be a professional you should not be here. This studio is nothing like that and strives for every student to succeed at their own pace! I highly recommend!

Also this was the best fitness decision after being tired of going to the gym!


Sometimes when you're brave enough to step outside of your comfort zone and try something totally new and different, completely for yourself and no one else, you end up discovering something you truly love. If you are really lucky, as you begin to see all of the positive physical, mental and emotional changes it brings, you realize that it doesn't matter at all what anyone else says or thinks, because you're not doing it for their approval. In that moment you are finally able to embrace it, own it, let go ... and let yourself fly.


I've been taking classes at Tease for over 3 years now. I have tried other studios closer to my home, but after going to Tease first, none of these other places have even come close to measuring up!!!! Tease Dance and Fitness is an amazing place for women or all ages, sizes and skill levels. It's been the part of my week where I am with friends who support me in everything they I do. We all see each other every week. We support each other when we struggle and we cheer each other one when we succeed! We sweat together and dance together! It is an amazing place for women who want a judgement free place to try a new workout! You don't need to take a class with friends, because after your first 8 week session ends, you will have a class full of friends.

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