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We are a body positive, inclusive and welcoming studio. We encourage you to celebrate your unique, beautiful body in this very moment. Our instructors are highly trained and our studio is a loving, nurturing, safe place to express yourself through movement. We cheer each other on in and out of the studio. Tease is proud to be the longest running pole and aerial studio in Illinois! Welcome home beautiful!

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What everyone is saying about us

Kyle - No other place like Tease
Marisa - No other place on earth like Tease
Cristy - Loving and supportive
Monica -My daughter loves the kids class
Destiny - Forever customer
Madeline - Inclusive and welcoming
Melissa S - My life changed forever
Madeline - 5 stars aren't enough
Allison - My second home

I've been taking classes at Tease for over 3 years now. I have tried other studios closer to my home, but after going to Tease first, none of these other places have even come close to measuring up.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: THERE IS NO OTHER PLACE ON EARTH LIKE TEASE! The cheers of encouragement make my heart so full. I am so thankful for this magical, magical place.

Love Tease! I take both aerial silks and burlesque and my child has been taking kids aerial classes here for a year and a half. It’s a loving and supportive atmosphere, fun, and a great workout.

My daughter loves the kids aerial class with Kat! She just started her 2nd session and has learned so much. Says Kat is nice, kind, and very helpful when teaching plus the class is so much fun and a good workout.

The best and affordable classes! The instructors and classmates are incredibly welcoming and helpful. They also cheer you on and make you feel confident. Been coming for about 5 weeks, and I’m definitely a forever customer!

I did all types of dance growing up, but stopped altogether when I was 15 years old. I was really nervous to start any weekly fitness routine again, but I'm so happy I pushed myself to go for it. It's the full package at Tease. I initially didn't want to overwhelm myself, and was hesitant to take up time on my weekends, but now I've signed myself for 3 classes this time around. If I could be there everyday I would! The entire staff and students are all very inclusive, and the environment is super welcoming.

5 years ago I walked into Tease Dance and Fitness and my life changed forever. Not only did I find a sport that I loved, but I found a community of the most amazing people that I am blessed to call my friends.

5 stars just aren't enough... My instructors Kat & Mary Kate are the best fitness instructors I've ever had. They're experts at their craft, super knowledgeable, and great at instilling confidence.

I love this studio. It’s like a second home. The instructors are very talented in adapting techniques for different abilities, bodies, and learning styles. Kat and Jenni are the instructors I’m most familiar with; Kat also teaches my kids. They’re incredible: patient, generous with their time, encouraging, kind. I hope those interested all have the opportunity to take classes with them. I cannot speak highly enough of Kat, Jenni, and Tease ❤️‍🔥

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One Time Intro Class Schedule

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