Welcome to the Midwest’s premier pole, aerial, dance and fitness studio. Come in and find out the delicious secret that thousands of Chicagoland women have discovered.  Tease is so much more than a fitness class. It is a form of movement that will reshape your body and your self-image, while fostering strong, powerful relationships with the women you will meet, and come to love.  Tease is something so powerful and freeing, every woman deserves to experience it.  Click on one of the tabs above and get ready for the journey of your life. The view is sublime!  What are you waiting for?


Student Spotlight: Melissa S.

5 years ago, I walked into Tease Dance and Fitness and my life changed forever. Not only did I find a sport that I loved, but I found a community of the most amazing people that I am blessed to call my friends. This studio, this special place, saw me go thru many difficult times and also many wonderful moments in my life, and really helped me become the person I am today. I never thought that taking a chance on something like this would truly change my life for the better .

Melissa, over the past 5 years you have touched so many women at Tease. Thank you for your loving heart (not to mention sharing your beautiful dancing with us)!

Love, Kristin and all of Team Tease!