Thanks for purchasing our Groupon! Please read directions all the way to the end of the page. Voucher codes are not promotional codes, so to be enrolled you must create an account then submit the form below.

Create an Account. Create a private account to help us book and schedule your one time intro class. Create your account by clicking here. We require an accurate birthday, phone number, and email address. Check the box to allow for confirmation and reminder emails to sent to your email, otherwise you will not have a confirmation letter sent to you. Omission of or inaccuracy of those details may delay your enrollment in the class. We cannot enroll you in an intro class unless you have an account for every person who will be redeeming the Groupon.

Take a Look at Our Schedule. We have quite a few Intro Class options and we add them weekly (and sometimes daily!) so if you're looking for one in particular, check back often. View our intro class schedule. Please note that you cannot enroll yourself using a Groupon- the voucher number is not a promotional code and you must fill out the form below to complete enrollment.

Learn About Our Classes. To learn more about the classes we offer, scroll to the bottom of the intro class page! This information also includes what to wear to each individual class. You can also click on the class name (ie Intro to Pole Fitness) to get more information.

Fill Out the Form at the Bottom of this Page. Once your account is created and you know which classes you'd like, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to completion.

Check Your Email. Once you get a confirmation email, you're all set! Plan on being 10-15 minutes early for class to find parking, get settled. Bring a yoga mat to class, or knee pads or a thick towel for comfort during the warmup. Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated, and prepare to have an awesome time! 

Cancellation Policies. If you can't make a class that you are scheduled for, cancellation is required 24 hours before class time. Failure to cancel before then or any “no-shows” will result in loss of the class credit. If you "early cancel" your class before the above listed deadline, there will be no penalty to you and your credit will be returned to your PSM account for future use. Likewise, if a class doesn’t have enough students registered 24 hours before it is scheduled to run, we will cancel it, return your PSM credit, and notify you.  All credits expire 60 days after purchase.



Where is the studio located? We are located at 4014 Fox Valley Center Drive, in Aurora,IL 60504. We are across the parking lot from Macy's at the Fox Valley Mall. We only have one location, so please disregard any old emails from previous locations!

Can I use this Groupon for a Party? No, we cannot use Groupons for groups of more than 3 ladies. If you would like to learn more about or schedule a private event, we would love to celebrate with you! Visit our Private Parties tab to learn more!

Do I have to be a certain age for certain classes? Women must be 18 years of age or olden to enroll in Burlesque, Belly Dance or Pole classes. Young ladies ages 14 and up are welcome to try Aerial Silks, Aerial Sling, Aerial Yoga, or Aerial Lyra (Hoop) with parental permission.



Groupon voucher redemption form

Before filling out the form, please create a PSM account. Create a PSM account

Each participating student must have created an account to be enrolled.

8 digit number underneath your Groupon barcode.

Please list class class date, time, apparatus.
For example, "Sunday September 20th 10am Intro to Pole Fitness"

Please list class class date, time, apparatus.
For example, "Sunday September 20th 10am Intro to Pole Fitness"

Please list class class date, time, apparatus.
For example, "Sunday September 20th 10am Intro to Pole Fitness"